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Are you still searching for an amazing DJ for your upcoming wedding!? Look no further – introducing Hollan with AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We worked with Hollan in April 2019 at Mithila and Jeremy’s wedding at Eventide Brewing and he is seriously one of the best DJ’s around town! He is professional, outgoing and most of all FUN! With that being said, we just HAD to find out more about him and his business!

Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT is a creative DJ company run by music lovers for music lovers. Using the formidable skills of REAL DJs, we transform the boring and predictable traditional wedding experience and turn it into unforgettable! Live remixes, mashups, scratching, sampling, quick mixes and a focus on making the entire experience uniquely personal. We truly believe no two couples are alike, so no two weddings should sound the same. Our goal is nothing short of reinventing the modern wedding entertainment experience!

What drew you to weddings?

We’re a creative DJ company and weddings are a great place to be creative! You have so many different types of people under one roof, different ages, different tastes in music, etc. It’s a huge challenge to connect with everyone in a crowd that diverse. But we love a challenge and believe it’s always possible to give everyone a little something they’ll never forget.

What is the best part of your job?

Are you kidding…people pay us to play music for a living!!! Seriously, our clients are just incredible. Fellow music lovers seek us out and we are so thankful to work with them. Most of our past clients stay in touch after their events and join us whenever they can at our events. Imagine every week getting invited to the best party someone will ever throw and you know it will always be awesome because you are DJing. That’s an unbelievable privilege and the best job anyone could ask for.

What does a normal event day look like for you?

Our DJs are very disciplined when it comes to the big day. We will often pass up opportunities to go out the night before and we never schedule anything else on an event day–it’s all about keeping focus and being prepared. For portions of the day like the Ceremony, Introductions, etc. there is no room for mistakes–no do overs. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a DJ if you are unprepared. Proper preparation is essential and it’s a lot of work to do it right. But once we get the big moments behind us and it’s time to open the dance floor, it’s all about settling into the groove, reading the crowd, and taking them on a journey.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned and what advice would you give to a newbie in the business?

The biggest lesson you can learn is to be humble. No matter how good you are, you will make mistakes. If you aren’t making mistakes, then you aren’t challenging yourself enough. Every type of event requires a different approach, mentality, and skill set wise. Find industry pros who aren’t protectionist and are willing to share their wisdom, it will cut down on a lot of trial and error. And finally: practice, practice, practice. There are plenty of DJs in the world, but not enough GOOD DJs. There’s always something you can improve on.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

We are a pretty eclectic crew, but most of us are creatives in various mediums. Music production, sound design, film and tv work, private lessons, visual arts, building furniture, remodeling houses, playing various instruments, etc.

What are your favorite songs or type of music to play?

Playing original mashups, remixes, and edits that our team members have created is the most fun. It’s pretty killer when you see an entire dance floor go nuts to something you or your buddy came up with.

Any good stories you can tell us about a couple you’ve worked with?

The best experiences are when guests not only leave drenched in sweat, but also connect the entire experience directly to the couple. “What an amazing party and it was SO Sarah and Ben!” That’s we want every time. What we do is certainly not for everyone and sometimes our couples are skittish about the creative approach. That’s to be expected since it’s something that most people have no previous experience with. But it’s transformative when they run up to hug you on the way out and can’t stop talking about how amazing the night was. Sometimes you realize you’re the one holding up the send off…

What questions should a couple ask a DJ/Band before hiring them?

Where can I hear you play or hear samples of your work? Are you licensed and insured? How long have you been in business? Are you full-time or do you have another job? What industry groups are you a member of? What kind of communication should I expect? How will I get you my requests? Can we choose who we want to work our event? What options and services do you offer? What is your backup plan in case of emergency? Do you offer any discounts or deals? And finally, ALWAYS ASK FOR A CONTRACT!!!

How far in advance would you suggest couples book their entertainment?

If entertainment is a priority at your wedding, they should be one of the first vendors you book after you have a venue and a date. The good people book up very quickly in this industry. Most of our clients book with us 8-16 months in advance depending on the popularity of the date.

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